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J. Udeagbala Holdings Limited has enjoyed tremendous business success in Nigeria for over two decades under the leadership of our chairman, Ide J.C Udeagbala and the board members.

Our approach to doing business revolves around understanding our customers need and adequately fulfilling that need. Our business strategy is designed to sustain us far into the future. Our prime business objective in Nigeria is sustainable and profitable growth and our drive to be world-class in every aspect of our business life has been relentless.
To achieve this, we have adopted a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) structure, in which each SBU has clear focus on its markets; developing a deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of its consumers and the dynamics of the marketplace, which it can exploit to deliver its objectives.
Our business policies, systems and actions (procedures and processes, corporate and personal ethics, corporate image, employee development, equality of opportunity, remuneration, services provided to distributors etc) are harmonized between all our SBUs, ensuring the sharing of best practice and operational synergies.
By combining our financial strength and the commercial acumen encouraged at all levels amongst our people, we are positioning ourselves to seize profitable new opportunities within our chosen sectors.

Our History

J. Udeagbala Holdings Nigeria Limited is one of the oldest established import and manufacturing businesses in the South Eastern part of Nigeria.

The major milestones of the company include:

On 22nd June 1982 ,the trading business, J Udeagbala and Sons was incorporated as J.Udeagbala & Sons Nigeria Limited.
On 23rd June 1992, Ide J.C.U Udeagbala with great foresight changed the name of the company to J. Udeagbala Holdings Nigeria Limited with the view of expanding the business further.
On 28th May 1993, the first subsidiary of the, Beauty Base Limited was incorporated in order to meet the growing need of quality personal care products in Nigeria previously dominated by multi-national companies.
On 29th March 1996, Kitchen Vegetable Oil Limited was incorporated and commenced manufacturing of top quality vegetable oils.
On 2nd April 1996 the company diversified into pipe manufacturing and Quality Pipe Limited was incorporated.
On 9th November 2001, the company further diversified into agro-products and agro-chemical by setting up Dynamic Farms Limited.

The company has continued its growth since the 1930's without losing the fundamental ethos of its founding father, "the desire to promote and encourage indigenous production of goods and services".


The Importance of Our People

Our People

We firmly believe that our people are our greatest asset. As we strive for world-class standards in every aspect of our enterprise, our employees are encouraged to manage and delegate appropriately, to accept responsibility and to recognise that they are both empowered to act and accountable for their actions.

Board of directors

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Chairman and Chief Executive officer:


Manufacturing Director


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Our long term people development programme has the clear objective to improve the quality of our management resource both by development from within and by external recruitment.
Exactly in line with the policy of our Holding Company, our commitment is to establish a working environment which is based on a transparent meritocracy and the full engagement and involvement of excellent people.