Dynamic Farms Limited

Dynamic Farms

Dynamic Farms Limited is one of the leaders in agro-chemical products in Nigeria. The main activities of the company include importing and distribution of agro chemicals to our customers. We provide crop base solutions and work closely with our customers to provide crop protection and training on modern farming techniques.


We are committed to providing the best quality product at affordable price to farmers in Nigeria and also within the West African Region. We carefully select and source our products directly from the best manufacturers who have global presence and decades of experience, endorsed by international quality certificates like ISO:9000 and ISO:14001. All our products are endorsed by NAFDAC & complied with SONCAP regulation.

Our Products


Atrazine 80wdg,80 Wp,50
2,4D Amine salt
Paraquat + Diuron
Diuron 80wp, 50FW


Cypermethrin 10EC
Dichlovos 100EC
Dimethoate 360EC
Dimethoate+ cypermethrin
Chlopyrfos 20EC, 48EC
Lambdacyhalothrin 2.5EC
Aluminium Phosphide


Metalaxyl + Mancozeb
Mancozeb 80WO
Metalaxyl + Cuprous oxide.


Knapsac sprayer


Public health


For sales and marketing enquiries, please contact us.

Our email address is: dynamicfarms@judegabalaholdings.com

Other Subsidiary Companies

Our subsidiaries and associates help to achieve J. Udeagbala Holdings objectives. All our subsidiaries are specialists in their fields and seek to forge close ties in the customer's best interest.

Beauty Base Limited

Beauty Base Limited

Beauty Base Limited is on the largest soap manufacturers in Nigeria, with an established foothold in the country's personal care sector.
Our approach to doing business revolves around understanding our customers need and adequately fulfilling that need.



Kitchen Vegetable Oil Limited

Kitchen Vegetable Oil Limited

Kitchen Vegetable Oil Limited is one of the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) manufacturing company in Nigeria. We produce edible cooking oil which is well sought after by our customers.
Our strict Quality Control ensures premium quality and the highest standards for all our products.



Quality Pipe Limited

Quality Pipe Limited

Quality Pipe Limited is a distinguished company that manufactures and supplies PVC pipes. Our PVC pipes are used for various applications in the field of telecommunications, agriculture, drainage, bridges and other construction activities, and are used to transport water from one place to another. These pipes are also used to protect cable wires from the overweight of the vehicles passing by.